A wide variety of resources are available to members, including information sheets on activities, games, recipes and how to create a variety of crafts in your sessions.  There are also many useful documents developed by experienced Forest School leaders and during our CPD training sessions – Practical Woodland Management, Environmental Impact Assessments and a Policy and Procedure Handbook to name a few…

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Forest School Wales provides training to support the Continuing Professional Development of Forest School Practitioners across Wales. This takes place through our regional skillshare gatherings as well as through other organised training events.

If you are looking for Forest School Leader training, we recommend that you seek a provider who is a member of the Wales (Agored) Forest School Training Network. More information about FSL training and a list of people who offer this training in Wales…

What is Forest School

Forest School is an innovative and inspiring approach to learning and development which offers people of all ages opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences during regular visits to a local woodland site.

Forest School provides opportunities for individuals to grow in confidence and independence in special woodland settings, where they are supported in their development by qualified FS Practitioners.

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Whether you are a Forest School Leader, Assistant or volunteer, a Trainee seeking help with completion or a group setting up a Forest School, becoming a member of Forest School Wales will benefit your individual practise and the overall running of your Forest School. Follow this link for further details of our Membership Benefits and how to apply.

Finding a Forest School

Want to find a Forest School Wales Practitioner, or a company or organisation that provides Forest School resources? Just follow this link to our balloon map.

As a member of FSW (for just £25 a year) you are entitled to your personalised map balloon, advertising your services or products. To become a member register here.


Forest School Wales is a practitioners network working to ensure that throughout Wales there is sustainable Forest School provision supported by a national network that will nurture the development of projects, offer advice, provide resources, guide best practice and provide continuing professional development. More…