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Climate Change

Climate change Starter packTeaching notes linking climate change to central Forest School themes such as trees, water & toilets, fires & cooking, craftwork & play. Tips for making your daily procedures more sustainable and suggestions for special projects. 6 pages

Carbon Calculator
Forest School Carbon Calculator ~ a simple tool to help you to reduce your Forest School carbon footprint

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Wood Craft Skills

FSW Wood Craft SkillsFSW Wood Craft Skills

How to make a gypsy flower, bird feeder, maul, mallet, creature, besom and spatula: step by step photo instructions for achievable woodcraft projects, plus feedback from members working with different groups

FSW Wood Craft SkillsStep by step photo instructions for Making a Besom

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FSW safe use and storage of toolsSafe use & storage of hand tools: a comprehensive photo summary on using, maintaining, cleaning & storing 24 tools. Six pages, doubled sided.

Continuum principle diagrams for Draw Knife, Sawing, Drilling, Knife, Splitting, Hammering ~ designed to help practitioners to build up tool use gradually with Early Years groups, they will also help you to differentiate activities for differing abilities.

Hammer ContinuumDraw Knife ContinuumSawing Continuum

Knife ContinuumSplitting ContinuumDrilling Continuum

Short video clips: to help you to: Tie a Birch Bundle, Shave a gypsy flower, Split a log, Sharpen a draw knife

Gypsy Flower Video 1Gypsy Flower Video 2Gypsy Flower Video 3Gypsy Flower Video 4

Monitoring Environmental Impact of Forest School Activities

Monitoring FSW SitesWoodland HistoryStep by step instructions, examples and tables to help you assess and monitor the impact of Forest School activities on your site including habitat mapping, protected species, woodland history, fixed point photography, transects and quadrats. Available in English & Welsh, 21 pages

Woodland Management Planning

Woodland Management Planning 1Woodland Management Planning 2Step by step instructions, tables and background information to help you to write a simple woodland management plan for your Forest School site. Available in English & Welsh, 12 pages

Practical Woodland Management

Practical Woodland Management 1Practical Woodland Management 2Simple information and tips on: Tree planting and after care; Working with the woodland~ succession cycle & deadwood cycle; Pruning; Tree diseases; Permaculture. Also handy card-sized summaries. 8 pages

Policy & Procedure Handbook

FSW Policy and Procedures HandboookA comprehensive collection of sample policies, procedures and forms collected from experienced Forest School Practitioners across Wales for you to use as a starting point when compiling your own Forest School Handbook.

Members’ resources

Members Resources 1Members Resources 2Members Resources 3An opportunity for you to share your activities and resources with other practitioners.

Members Resources 4Members Resources 5Resources received so far include: Elder Crafts, recipes, Owls & Moles, and tree ID songs and games.

Members Resources 6

How to make a pound coin box

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Advice and information

Advice and InformationCompiled by experienced practitioners and advisers in response to members’ Frequently Asked Questions, including Insurance, 14-19 Learning Pathways, and Wildfood at Forest School.

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