Continuing Professional Development Training

Ride ‘em shave horses! Cefn Woods, June 2009

As Forest School (FS) Practitioners we all, irrespective of our qualifications, need access to some form of Continuing Professional Development to preserve the magic of our sessions, keep us up to date with Good Practice, and counter the isolation which many of us experience.

Forest School Wales provides training to support the Continuing Professional Development of Forest School Practitioners across Wales. This takes place through our regional skills share events as well as through other organised training events.

We are looking at possible CPD days for 2016 – if you have any ideas of what you’d like to see or could offer then do get in touch!

CPD days for 2015 were as follows:

All CPD days are run at cost price (£25 per day for members, £35 non members)

Future CPD days are arranged based on interest; so if there’s something you’d like to see in future (or a day you’d like to run) then get in touch! (

For more information about some of Forest School Wales’ past CPD training projects, click (click again to hide) on the headings below:

Wood Craft Skills Project