Current discussion about the future of Forest School in Wales 23rd May 2013

It has been really helpful to get all the feedback from everyone around Wales about whether Wales should maintain a national organisation or become part of the UK FSA.  So far the majoprity of people have suggested they would prefer to keep a Welsh national organisation run by its members, which provides relevant services to meet local needs, is accessible and is representative of local members. We are pleased lots of people are also considering joining us as trustees or other volunteers.

The second most popular option, which needs more thought and discussion, is one which would need to be negotiated and have a larger consultation process with FSW members, whereby FSW became a regional branch of the FSA.  For example: FSA has a regional group already (Essex) with their membership and events administered on-line by FSA, and their membership fees would go to FSA and their activities are all organised voluntarily by themselves.

Thoughts and discussions continue.  Please come along to our National Networking weekend to talk in person about this exciting issue.  More details about the weekend and all the activities we are cramming in here