Great new insurance rates for Forest School Leaders, Trainees and Groups

Members of Forest School Wales can now access three preferential rate Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance packages under the Birnbeck Forest School Wales Liability Scheme.

Individual Public Liability from £157; Employers Liability of around £252.

In addition to highly preferential rates these packages simplify the process of insuring Forest School sessions by including cover for trainees, volunteers and sub-contractors.

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The Birnbeck Forest School Wales Liability Scheme :

  • Endorsement 1: Qualified Individual Forest School Practitioners

Costs £157.50 plus £25 FSW membership = £182 .50
This includes cover for volunteers working with that FSL.


The Birnbeck Forest School Wales Liability Scheme :

  • Endorsement 2: Forest School Trainees

Costs £157.50 plus £25 FSW membership = £182 .50
The trainee must be working alongside a qualified insured FSL who is also a FSW member.


The Birnbeck Forest School Wales Liability Scheme :

  • Endorsement 3: Forest School Groups

i) The premium for the Employers Liability cover will be calculated by applying a rate% on the annual wages paid – thus an annual wage bill of £40,000 would create an annual premium for Employers Liability of £252.00, and for £20,000 it would be £126.00.
ii) The premium for the Public Liability section would be rated on Turnover (ie: fees collected etc) at a rate of 0.35% – thus for a turnover of £100,000 the premium would be £350 + tax = £367.50.
Larger organisations requiring both EL and PL will need to add these two costs together, plus a FSW membership of £100.

This package covers volunteers and also sub contractors without their own insurance (who are therefore providing ‘labour only’).

Cover for tools can be negotiated as a extra “bolt-on” cost.

For more information please contact Eddie at Birnbeck Finance Ltd on 01934 522252

You will need to quote your FSW membership number. If you are a trainee you will also need to quote the membership number of the qualified FSL with whom you are working.

For information about becoming a member of Forest School Wales, or to download a membership form please click here